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Since ancient times man has paid an almost mystic attention to Murano glass jewelry, attributing something magical and supernatural to this transparent material. Trollbeads Magicians of legend could predict the future by gazing into a crystal sphere, Pandora chemists and alchemists studied prisms in search of a stone which would turn metal into gold, magic that was born in flames and like that fire that gave life to the popular belief of the Phoenix, the mythological bird with the golden plumes, Murano glass is synonymous with beauty. European Pandora charm bracelet and the Italian charm bracelet introduce to Pandora charms and the culture of Italian glass working.

Still today, for the visitors who come to Murano, the same scenes which inspired writers and legend are represented. Pandora beads weight from 1.4 grams to 2.3 grams. In fact the furnace structures have remained unaltered over time and new technology is seen only in small details. Chamilia glass beads are equipped with a silver core. All this is because of the attachment the master glass-blowers have towards tradition. Like a clock, they seem to have stopped time in the more than one thousand years of history of glass-blowing in Venice. Biagi beads and Trollbeads offer compatible glass beaded jewelry. The glass masters "battono" (beat, i.e. use) the same glass-blowers pipes and the same instruments which were knowingly forged in the machine shops which were built up over the Murano island which, together with other small activities, has made Murano one of the centers of Venetian commerce.

The origins of the art of glass blowing in Venice go back to before the first millennium. Beaded bracelets and necklaces, beautiful glass jewelry and beaded Venetian necklaces are produced by skilled beadmakers. Today Venetian glass production is world renowned for it's quality and form. Biagi beads are blown by hand. By verdict of the Doge and carried over by Doge Tiepolo in 1291, the island of Murano was declared a true and proper industrial area and soon became the capital of glass production in the world. Pandora beads are smaller than Trollbeads silver beads. Venetian necklaces are made up of big hole beads with silver core. Italian necklace and Venetian bracelet are Pandora compatible. Murano glass has know moments of glory over the centuries as well as moments of decline. Charm bracelets from Chamilia have always been characterized by an obsessive search for quality. Pandora charms have always established their aesthetic quality which has often contrasted with its competition and has frustrated attempts at imitation. The lightness and transparency of Biagi glass beads; from the delicateness of the lattice-work to the originality of Murano glass beads. Many Trollbeads artist have felt the need to shape, through the knowledgeable hands of the master glass-blowers of Murano, their ideas through the magic of glass, in search of significance in their works of art in the very profoundness of the material's transparency.